Our survey theme creator is easy to use for anyone, even those not familiar with web design! It's all click and choose for the colors, update some text, add an image, and you are on your way!


There are 12 different areas you can customize the color to make your page truly unique!

Click the little radio dial next to the area you want to change and a color palette will come up! Simply click on the color you prefer, or enter the Hex Code for the more advanced users.


  1. Menu Background Color
  2. Menu Border Color
  3. Background Color
  4. Header Text Color
  5. Tagline Text Color
  6. Navigation Step Completed Text Color
  7. Navigation Completed Background Color
  8. Navigation Step Active Background Color
  9. Navigation Text Color
  10. Navigation Step Divider Color
  11. Navigation Incomplete Step Text Color
  12. Navigation Incomplete Step Background Color

You can also handle the Image Settings for the background as a Cover Image or Offset Image:


You can even slide the background image around so it goes exactly where you want it to!

You can also preview the Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Preview versions of the Survey!




And here are some survey designs we love!

The Bodi Bag




And some wide-angle designs...

Thalia Guitar Capos


SnapPower Charger