Taking care of your customers/backers is your number one priority as a business, because without them you wouldn't have funded. Taking care of them encompasses much more than just delivering your product to their door. Your relationship with some of your backers begins before the campaign is launched, others begin their journey with you during the campaign, but what happens after the campaign is finished?

Sure, you're going to be sending a survey out to your backers, updating them on the progress of your production, shipping and fulfillment. But, what about all the questions that they will have? Customer support involves a lot of direct person-to-person contact. One of the biggest barriers to solving customers concerns is being able to pinoint what the real issue is. The shorter the timeline between the problem being presented and the resolution, the happier the customer will be. So, how do you shorten that timeline? With a CRM.

The purpose of a CRM is to manage your customers and your relationship with them. You, from the business side, are in contact with many customers. It's very realistic to not remember every detail of each customer individually. This is made even harder by the fact that contact with them tends to be brief and mostly—or entirely—through digital communication.

Customers reach out to you in many ways, on many platforms. That's why CrowdOx has a built-in Customer Relationship Manager in it's Orders feature. We give you a place to manage your backers, keep notes on your interactions with them, and monitor their progress through their survey completion process.


You can see the complete order information for each backer such as their Source, Configuration, Survey Status, Address, Order Details, Balance Owed and more.


Note Taking:

You can even take notes on each individual customer to make sure not to forget anything unique about them, or solutions you may need to provide later. This is an especially useful feature when you have multiple people handling the backer management, or need to hop in and check on someone that may have interacted exclusively with someone else from your company.


Survey Progress

A big factor in solving a problem is knowing where to find the issue. If you can pinpoint exactly where a customer is in their timeline you can quickly narrow down your search for the solution. If they are concerned that they haven't received their shipping confirmation, for example, you can quickly log in, find their order and see exactly where they are in this process.



If John Johnson reaches out to me, and I have over 3,000 backers, I don't want to scroll through pages of customers to find their order. Some people share the same first name, some share the same last name, and some even share both.


We have a search / filter feature that allows you to narrow customer orders down with unequaled precision.


Want to find everyone in a certain city? Add that filter in. Want to find people based on their status? Go ahead. There are even 26 sub-filters in that category alone to give you even more control.


Our platform is not just for taking orders and sending out surveys. Will give you complete control over the management of your backers so that you can save time, and money, getting their solutions faster.