Today, we’d like to highlight a solution that was asked for us by quite a few campaign creators: Local Pickup. What is local pickup, you might ask? Well, from our experience it’s most popular within the tabletop board game world — and it’s when a crowdfunding campaign allows for backers to pick up their pledge at a local game store, convention, or some other gathering!

Historically, this has caused quite the headache. Keeping track of who will be retrieving from what location can be a nightmare — especially because you aren’t charging those backers shipping!

If you want the Local Pickup feature, simply mention it, and we’ll make it available directly in your navigation on the left. It’s not buried or hidden!


And it’s quite easy to use, simply click Add Local Pickup + and then fill out the address for whatever location you want to enter.


After you’ve added them, they will appear as a list.


And that’s it! Now when any of your backers are going through the survey and it asks them for their Country — to determine their shipping region — it will also give them the option for Local Pickup Selection!


When they check the box, it will show them a drop-down of selections by name and shortened address.


And when they make a selection it will add full details, so they can be sure it’s the right location for them!


…but wait, how does this help you, save you time, and money? This will automatically make sure that backer is not charged additional shipping through CrowdOx! (Note: If you are using a local pick-up option, make sure not to charge backers shipping through Kickstarter or IndieGogo!)

And, when you go to Export your backers for shipping, you can simple add a Filter for Address and Shipping, and choose Order with Local Pickup from the drop-down! Puts them all together in a nice neat package for you!


Thanks for reading about our Feature Highlight today about Local Pickup. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at :)