Nearly 3.7 million of Kickstarter's 11.7 million person community have supported more than one campaign. Approximately 36,000 serial crowdfunding backers have pledged money towards more than 50 crowdfunding projects. Serial backers bring a significantly higher value to the campaigns they support both by commenting and sharing projects on social networks.  They're also much more in tune which projects are special and worth backing, and which ones are not, so we decided to survey 50 serial backers for feedback.   Below is a summary of our findings.

Average Number of Projects Supported by Serial Backers


How Serial Crowdfunding Backers Learn About New Projects


Why Serial Backers Pledged


Why Serial Backers Didn't Pledge


What Influenced Serial Backers to Pledge


* Total number is higher than 100% in some cases as survey respondents could select multiple options

While many of the backers have said that seeing good media coverage encourages them to support the project, the media itself isn't a powerful discovery tool for new campaigns. Don’t make a mistake of relying on publicity to bring a significant number of pledges. Social media seems to be more effective in attracting the attention of experienced backers.

The answers about motivation, support the idea that serial backers are more attracted by emotional rather than practical triggers. Being a part of something cool or helping a person were much more important than saving money or getting a product that solves their current problems.

Serial crowdfunding backers are cautious about who they trust. Considering the number of projects where the creators failed to deliver or delivered with significant delays, visitors want to see how you communicate with backers, and how knowledgeable and attentive you are when responding to the comments. Many creators make a mistake of responding privately. By doing so, you risk of losing a lot of potential supporters.

So, make sure to take all aspects of the campaign seriously by preparing a professionally looking project page with lots of images, timely responses to your backers’ comments and delivering quality products on time.